~ Call of the Dove
(Set: 2 Pieces)

The white dove soars in the pure blue village sky. Carrying the olive branch, it bestows upon the world its universal language of peace, as it calls upon us to reunite towards the ultimate goal of freedom and liberation.

Percentage of Proceeds Donated to: Urgent Humanitarian Care For Gaza's Children via the Palestine Children's Relief Fund @thepcrf

Change lives and Carry a Little peace of the Middle East with you...


Pre-Order note: Orders status will be emailed to you in 3-4 weeks. 


note: All designs are natural and therefore organic- natural imperfections may exist in some of the olive wood grain and may not appear exactly as pictued above-but still uniquley beautiful! 

PRE-ORDER: Call of the Dove: Charm

  • Genuine Olive Wood and White Howlite Stone